EDUC 762 WEEK 7, July 22-28

Well, This was a huge week. I finished and submitted my final project, and I must admit there was a moment of intense pride at what I submitted. There has been an incredible amount of work put into this project, loads of revision and editing along the way, and hitting the send button had the butterflies in my stomach fluttering at full force.  This coming week, I am anxious for the peer review, wondering what changes will need to be made and eager to see the work of my colleagues, knowing they have been working as diligently as I have. 

As the class wraps up, I am so grateful for the continued level of excellence these courses have been. I have been able to create a course for Junior High Social Studies on the Underground Railroad,  and used Weebly as my platform of choice.  I found that it was quite user friendly and made web creating a relatively simple task. Making changes to both content and style were pretty hassle free as well.  Here’s hoping I won’t have too many changes to make in this last week. 

Take a look at my project here and feel free to leave comments on this blog afterward if you wish. Feedback is appreciated. 


One thought on “EDUC 762 WEEK 7, July 22-28

  1. Linda says:

    Hi Patti:
    I so enjoyed your reflection this week – it is amazing how we still get butterflies and seek feedback. I always think that is a good reminder of how the students feel. – Your course on the Underground Railroad sounds so interesting and I wish you great success.

    I will get on that quilting.

    Thanks for the opportunity to learn with you.


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