EDUC 762 Week 5, July 8-14, 2013

This week, our focus was on Learning Objectives for our online course, and we created a Taxonomy Table using Blooms Revised Taxonomy to aid in the process. Since I’m currently not teaching, and the course is one I am putting together myself, the feedback from the instructor, her assistant, and my peers has been helpful. I’m on the right track, and with a few tweeks, I know this can be an exciting and engaging class for junior high students. Looking at a wide range of higher order thinking skills to engage students beyond simple knowledge acquisition became the challenge, and finding Web tools to use for those processes was also part of the challenge. I’m still working on thinking beyond traditional learning ideas which seem to be my drawback, and move more toward  what online teaching is intended to be – student-centered, innovative, and exciting.  As we posted our taxonomy to the discussion board, I was very pleased by the feedback from my peers about the course. Their enthusiasm was contagious and has me encouraged about the direction I am headed.

This course is designed for a junior high social studies unit on slavery and the Underground Railroad. One Module is devoted to quilts as communication by slaves and those on the UGRR. One of the final objectives is under synthesis: (design and create) I remember learning Bloom back in the early 70’s when I was getting my degree in Education. His lower and higher order thinking skills were helpful in making lesson plans – plans that were very much teacher centered as I focused on those very important nouns and how I could have such wonderful classes that we would move right up that list to those higher level skills in short order. I was young, and naive, and idealistic. But as I read the rather lengthy revised taxonomy, I felt that same excitement all over again. His revision, using verbs, brings those concepts alive in a way that puts the student squarely as the focus of the learning plans.

The student will design and create a quilt block using their research from quilt symbol identification and the written directions or video link provided.

Besides the attachhed Assessment Taxanomy, you will see the video link and written instructions link.

My taxonomy table can be found here

The Instructional video can be found here.


One thought on “EDUC 762 Week 5, July 8-14, 2013

  1. Datta Kaur says:

    Patti, you have created some wonderful learning plans for your student – quite creative to connect the quilting during the slave periods to an actual ‘all senses’ experience for your students. This creates memory of the learning; engaging students in this way is powerful. After final review of your 4 final project learning objectives, it looks like you will be ready to progress to the Assessment course’s finish line. Congratulations for maintaining this blog so nicely! ~ Datta Kaur

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