EDUC 762 WEEK 4, JULY 1 – 7, 2013


This week was a crazy one. I took a mini vacation to Michigan with some of my quilting friends and worked on a difficult paper-piecing project. 20 blocks finished, 16 to go. I had 2 video/tele-conferences while there, to complete work on two separate collaborative projects, one being the mid-term for this class. I was up every morning at 6 to do school work till 10, so I could enjoy quilting the rest of the day till the evening collaborations with my classmates.

Our project (the link is at the end of this post) was to research and compile a report on different assessment tools available to the online teacher. We chose from 4 different categories, each of us taking a different category, and evaluated one tool from within that list. Not only did we learn about our own tool, we also shared in the review of each other’s as we built the Assessment Toolbox as a team. We also got to try out WebEx firsthand as that was the tool we used for our group meeting and document review. Our team worked very well together as not only did we each do our individual parts, but each stepped up to make the project a cohesive unit as one wrote the intro, another the conclusion, another communicated with the professor, etc. All in all, a great collaborative experience where the concern for the good of the whole was evident throughout.

Quilting and collaborative work have a lot in common. Both start with individual parts and come together to make a beautiful whole. Both require patience and attention to detail. Both require hard work and careful planning. But piece by piece, each builds upon something else, until the finished product is far greater than the individual parts.

Our project can be seen here AssessmentToolbox(1)


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