EDUC 762 WEEK 3, June 24 – June 30, 2013

This has been an interesting week. Working on mapping a course, playing around with new technology, getting a finished product I really liked and not having it export as a compatible file was frustrating to say the least. Not sure if it was a MAC thing or dumbness on my part, but I just don’t have the time to blow on figuring it out. So I switched to another program, redid the map and hope it is readable when I post this.

The readings this week were excellent fodder for thought on my commute to and from work. Thinking of this boom of virtual classrooms which have emerged over the last few years, and Bonk’s statement about most online educators not being certified or degreed gave me great concern for the learner. Who assures that THEY get what is a high quality learning experience? Remembering some of our earlier discussions where some of my classmates first e-learning experiences were anything but stellar tells me we have a long way to go see to it that this learning becomes and remains learner centered.

My map is here:

Mapping Doc


3 thoughts on “EDUC 762 WEEK 3, June 24 – June 30, 2013

  1. Linda says:

    Hi Patti:
    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog site. I see that you took EDUC 760 this spring. I hope you enjoyed that class as much as I did. The ClustrMap is quite interesting as well.

  2. specialgodd says:

    Patti, technology is great when it works. LOL! Your map looks good, I like the visual of the triangle, starting with a single objective and building it to emcompass an entire learning unit. I look forward to learning more about quilting.

    I hope your daughter is healing!

  3. Steph Sukow says:

    What an interesting topic. Have you tried using Inspiration, though? Familiarizing yourself with multiple web tools will help provide you with more option to use as a future online learning teacher. Try to distinguish between objectives and the activities associated with the objective. While you do not need to provide details, this would help clarify what you are asking students to do. Then, include a clear assessment that will help you know if students have mastered the content. What tool will you use to measure this? Clarify just a little and you are on the right track! Please let me know if you have any questions.

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