EDUC 762 WEEK 1 June 10-16, 2013

This blog is a continued reflection of the courses I am taking as I progress on this path toward certification in E-Learning and Online Teaching.

Since this is a course about assessment, I am keenly aware that while we are learning about best practices for grading procedures, performance- based assessment, summative and formative feedback methods as well as a host of other  useful evaluative tools, I am also being assessed and evaluated every step of the way. What I say, how often I reply, the questions I ask, the manner in which I give feedback, all are evaluated in order to make me a better  instructor.

The Wiki as Online Assessment Tool this first week was taught using this activity , the  Assessment of Student Learning in the Online Classroom. I believe the instructors intent was to see how well we could a) collaborate with another student to complete a task such as an interview, and b) to see how well we understood the guidelines on online etiquette also know as netiquette. Our intros were fun to do because of the use of perspective. Even tough we told a story of who we were to another, it was then told through their voice to the class. Some things became interesting in translation. This could prove to be a fun course after all.


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