EDUC 760 Week 7: April 15 – April 21, 2013

Are we really at week 7 already? This course has simply gone by way too quickly. Out focus this week has been on the creation of our e-Portfolio. Fortunately, I haven’t had to start from scratch, since I already had a template from my Instructional Design class. However, there were many components in this section that gave me some challenges, and so the learning continues. Perhaps one of the biggest changes I made was to the actual appearance of my site. I wasn’t thrilled with the outcome the first time around, so I made some drastic changes and am more pleased with the cleaner lines and the less cluttered look.  See my portfolio here: PMorlock Portfolio.  The opportunity to see what my peers are up to in their creation is enlightening, as we all have different views and perspectives.

Casting a shadow over the learning process this week are the tragic events at the Boston Marathon and the explosion in West, Texas. That someone would intentionally seek to cause harm to others in such a heinous way is beyond me, and I can only pray. That more lives are lost in the process of apprehending these crazed people just adds to the tragic senselessness of it all. God help us.



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