EDUC 760 Week 1: March 4, 2013 – March 10, 2013

Since this is my second course toward an E-Learning Certificate Program, I was at ease with the format of discussion and maneuverability through the class site. This made participation easier and less constrained. One thing that was a bit disconcerting was that the quiz for module 4 came up as if it should be done this mod. So I took it. It wasn’t until it was posted to the grades that it became clear which module the quiz was for. Also in the syllabus, having it read from bottom right to top left is a bit awkward, and should be a relatively easy fix. Having to scroll to the end of it for everything is just odd. Wondering why it was set up backwards, from last module to first?

What was most useful to me this week  aside from getting to know everyone, was examining the myths and constraints in Chapter 2 of 147 Practical Tips for Online Teaching. The article caused me to look at my own conventional ways and ask why I do what I do in the classroom. The other article that caused me to pause and think long and hard was What It Means to Be a Critically Thinking Teacher by Stephen Brookfield. He talks about the assumptions we make and how we become our assumptions, especially as teachers in the classroom. This was definitely an article worth spending time with. Understanding how my assumptions creep in to my teaching practices, helps me focus on how to step aside in order to change my perspective.



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